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Our East Utica Facebook page is how it all began. We first started out posting pictures of the East side of Utica and it wasn't long before we started to including pictures of the downtown area. The number of people joining the page continued to grow. People started to request pictures of North, South and West Utica. As more people joined the page, more requests for pictures from other areas were requested, so we included New Hartford, Clinton, Whitesboro, Marcy, Deerfield, Oriskany, Kirkland, Chadwicks, Sauquoit, Kirkland, Clarks Mills, Yorkville, New York Mills and more! We now have more than 6,500 people that have joined our page and it grows everyday. This page is certain to keep you occupied for hours looking at all of the pictures and posts.  There are countless pictures to view and a lot of area history to be learned at East Utica. Join us today by clicking on the Facebook logo in the top right!